HEBO and Bonn & Mees join forces in ambitious merger

Renowned Rotterdam maritime companies HEBO Maritiem Service and Bonn & Mees Floating Sheerlegs are thrilled to announce their merger. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the maritime sector, laying the foundation for sustainable growth, expanded services, and strengthened market position. With a combined experience of 170 years, HEBO and Bonn & Mees form the … Read more

O2 capital partners acquires Solvo Group

O2 Capital Partners is pleased to announce its partnership with Mark van Meer in the successful acquisition of Solvo Group. The Solvo Group encompasses a range of enterprises, including Rixax Rentals, Projects Support Calamities, Projects Support, and PS+ Construction & Restoration. The Solvo Group serves the entire spectrum, providing customers with an extensive range of … Read more

O2 Capital Partners sells stake in elk® group to Waterland Private Equity

Waterland Private Equity will support the further growth and development of the innovative family business, elk® group, marking a significant milestone. Since 2017, O2 Capital Partners has been the partner of elk® group, and a well-considered buy and build strategy has led to the addition of Pijl Vastgoedonderhoud, VIOS Bouwgroep, and De Goede Vastgoedonderhoud to … Read more

O2 Capital Partners invests in Barneveldse Kraanverhuur (‘BKV’)

BKV is a family-owned business that has been active in the crane rental industry since 1969. The company has a diverse range of cranes that are used for various projects both domestically and internationally. BKV aims to fully relieve its customers and provide them with the best service. Therefore, the company has all the capabilities … Read more

O2 Capital Partners acquires a stake in maritime contracting company Simon BV

O2 Capital Partners acquires a stake in maritime contracting company Simon BV, a specialist in and around the water. Simon BV, which has been specializing in the maintenance, repair, and construction of quay walls, mooring posts, revetments, fendering, and metal structures since 1922, is based in the Rotterdam Waalhaven and mainly serves the area between … Read more

Elk® group acquires Vios Bouwgroup

With the acquisition of Vios Bouwgroep the Elk® group obtains national coverage and further strenghten its leading position in the dutch maintenance and renovation market