O2 Capital Partners invests in Barneveldse Kraanverhuur (‘BKV’)

BKV is a family-owned business that has been active in the crane rental industry since 1969. The company has a diverse range of cranes that are used for various projects both domestically and internationally. BKV aims to fully relieve its customers and provide them with the best service. Therefore, the company has all the capabilities to perform lifting work for the customer, from engineering to crane and from matting to lowbed.

BKV has a leading position in lifting work for the construction, dismantling, and maintenance of wind turbines up to 160 meters high. Thanks to its professional and efficient approach, BKV can make a wind turbine operational within two days. BKV has invested in a modern and well-equipped crane fleet suitable for the construction and repowering of wind turbines.

With the investment from O2 Capital Partners, BKV can achieve further growth, particularly in onshore wind energy, which is a rapidly growing market that is becoming increasingly important in the energy transition. BKV is known for taking on challenges, such as extreme height-weight combinations, unique soil conditions, and locations with limited workspace. With this investment, BKV can serve its customers even better and respond to the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions.