O2 Capital Partners sells stake in elk® group to Waterland Private Equity

Waterland Private Equity will support the further growth and development of the innovative family business, elk® group, marking a significant milestone. Since 2017, O2 Capital Partners has been the partner of elk® group, and a well-considered buy and build strategy has led to the addition of Pijl Vastgoedonderhoud, VIOS Bouwgroep, and De Goede Vastgoedonderhoud to the company. elk® group is an example of a successful collaboration between O2 Capital Partners and an entrepreneur with a unique vision, resulting in a complementary and fruitful partnership over the past six years. O2 Capital Partners expresses its gratitude to Roel van Elk and all employees of the elk® group for their valuable partnership.

About elk® group

Elk® group is a leading player in the real estate maintenance and renovation sector, with a strong social heart and a focus on innovation and sustainability. By maintaining its mission and core values, the organization has experienced remarkable growth over the past five years, from a regional player with 100 employees to a national leader with over 500 employees and 11 branches spread across five regions. Elk® group is proud of its contribution to the sustainability of the Netherlands, the maintenance and improvement of social real estate, and the revitalization of neighborhoods. Roel van Elk will continue as CEO and major shareholder, while Erik Rave will continue to serve as CFO and together with Roel forms the group’s management