O2 capital partners acquires Solvo Group

O2 Capital Partners is pleased to announce its partnership with Mark van Meer in the successful acquisition of Solvo Group. The Solvo Group encompasses a range of enterprises, including Rixax Rentals, Projects Support Calamities, Projects Support, and PS+ Construction & Restoration.

The Solvo Group serves the entire spectrum, providing customers with an extensive range of services in emergency services, installation services, construction activities, and equipment rental. Our primary focus is on customer care and alleviating their concerns.

In collaboration with Mark van Meer, we are committed to unlocking the full growth potential of the Solvo Group. These efforts will be further supported through an active buy-and-build strategy aimed at achieving national coverage and robust partnerships with housing cooperatives.

O2 Capital Partners extends a warm welcome to the employees of Solvo Group and its companies! We eagerly anticipate collaborating with this exceptional enterprise and embarking on a prosperous future together.