O2 Capital Partners acquires a stake in maritime contracting company Simon BV

O2 Capital Partners acquires a stake in maritime contracting company Simon BV, a specialist in and around the water. Simon BV, which has been specializing in the maintenance, repair, and construction of quay walls, mooring posts, revetments, fendering, and metal structures since 1922, is based in the Rotterdam Waalhaven and mainly serves the area between Dordrecht and the Second Maasvlakte.

With their fleet of crane and work ships, they maintain and renew hundreds of kilometers of quay and associated structures in the Rotterdam port area, including fenders, bollards, fendering, and guiding works. Simon BV is also able to construct complete jetties, including the wooden or steel poles for the substructure, deck structure, railings, ladders, walkways, and abutments.

In addition, Simon BV has its own sawmill and steel construction shed where they saw (used) basralocus and azobé piles for various applications such as rubbing posts, rafters, materials for revetments, separation posts, and fencing. This enables them to quickly supply the necessary materials/structures and start projects. In addition to the materials placed by their own ships, the sawmill also supplies various other woodwork applications, such as bucks for shipyards and jetty decking.

With the investment from O2 Capital Partners, Simon BV can further expand its services in water construction and metal structures, both autonomously and through acquisitions (buy and build).