HEBO adds 900 ton sheerleg crane to its fleet

In mid-January 2018, the fleet of HEBO Maritiemservice will be expanded with a versatile floating sheerleg. The new acquisition has a lifting capacity of 900 tons and a high lifting height. With the new sheerleg, HEBO expects to penetrate a new market and become active in the Baltic Sea.

Lifting capacity of 900 tons
Wiebbe Bonsink, CEO of HEBO Maritiemservice, said enthusiastically, “This sheerleg has a maximum lifting capacity of 900 tons and it also has an impressive lifting capacity at longer reaches. At a reach of 22.5 meters it can lift up to 800 tons and it can still lift 500 tons at a reach of 46 meters.

Market position in Baltic Sea
With the new acquisition, HEBO Maritiemservice hopes to make an important contribution to the company’s business objectives, namely by strengthening its market position and allowing the company to grow further. According to Bonsink, the sheerleg will be widely used. “We can use it for activities in the Baltic Sea but also in the North Sea or in Rotterdam”, he explained.

DBB Salvage Denmark
The sheerleg will soon be purchased in Denmark from DBB Salvage. Bonsink pointed out that the sheerleg has a number of useful features, such as a 100-ton auxiliary hoist with a maximum lifting height of 74 meters and a maximum reach of more than 60 meters. The sheerleg, which is self-propelled, is also equipped with a dynamic positioning system.

In the future, Bonsink also wants to equip the sheerleg with a jib. “This way, we will be able to lift heavy loads at greater heights”, he added enthusiastically.