HEBO Maritiemservice

HEBO history 
Henk Bonsink founded the company in 1989. Slowly but surely HEBO developed from a small towing- and odd jobs company into a maritime service provider in the broadest sense of the word.

Until 2010 HEBO operated from its home base in Zwartsluis. In 2010 HEBO opened a branch in Rotterdam. This spells a period of rapid growth for the company and in 2014 HEBO is able to ad the Mulheim (GER) branch to its organisation. It is during this period that Henk decides that the time has come for his sons Gerrit and Wiebbe to carry on the company. They have shown to be able to carry on their father’s legacy in true entrepreneurial fashion. And have been able to further develop the company’s specialist services and to keep developing the standard of the equipment within the HEBO fleet.

Our Passion
Our biggest passion is to be able to offer the best solutions possible. HEBO aspires to be the best option for incident response, special transport and heavy lift in our segment of the market. These aspirations are in HEBO’s DNA and can be found in any layer of the organisation. Our team is driven, aim for the best results and will not stop until a job is completed up to HEBO standards. To be able to live up to our own very high standards HEBO invests considerable amounts in acquiring specialist and innovative equipment.